Found this week

Dog and animal-related blogs and articles come across my web feed all the time. This week, there have been plenty of stories about, and photos of, dogs in the snow in Eastern Canada and the United States. The wonderful photo, above, is of Bolt, the Shetland Sheepdog belonging to Meg McCarthy, celebrating the blizzard in Massachusetts this week. In the Dog Spies blog, Julie Hecht reported on what a number of well-known dog scientists have to say about why dogs love snow.

Not everyone was caught up in winter-related things. Stanley Coren wrote an interesting bit about a report from a recent archaelolgical study about when dogs first arrived in the Americas and what those dogs looked like.

We know that dogs perform many important tasks and roles in our lives. Scientist and artist Sam Droege is looking for Dalmatian tail hair to help him clean up some bees for a photo shoot. Follow him on Twitter @moltenblue to find out more or to give him a hand finding Dalmatian sheddings.

Working dogs are fascinating. It’s good to know that dogs are helping to stop poachers South Africa and the Companion Animal Psychology blog has a thoughtful post written by the Anthrozoology Research Group about improving working dogs’ training programs. The AnthroZoo folks are always worth reading. Follow them on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other animals . . .

We can learn a lot from inter-species animal friendships. In a Science article in the New York Times this week, Erica Goode wrote about some popular videos that have been shared widely online and what may or may not be going on between the animals. In related news, Boing Boing pointed us to this video of a chicken breaking up a fight between two rabbits.

Animals communicate, but we’re not always sure how they do it. Huffington post had an intriguing report about jumbo squid “flashing” to communicate.

January is National Train Your Dog month. Other pets are getting into the training habit, too. CBC Radio interviewed a man who taught his girlfriend’s rabbit to push a tiny wagon to bring him a beer.

Have a good weekend!