This is a growing list of resources for dog owners, new trainers and anyone who is interested in dogs, dog behaviour, learning theory and animal psychology.

Raising and training a puppy

Ian Dunbar, Before You Get Your Puppy. A comprehensive guide to preparing to welcome a puppy into your life and home written by one of the world’s leading experts in puppy development and behaviour. Dr. Dunbar, a veterinarian and animal behaviourist, is the inventor of puppy kindergarten classes.

Ian Dunbar, After You Get Your Puppy. The companion volume to Before You Get Your Puppy, above.

Ann Bemrose, House training a new puppy or dog. Originally a Woof Work blog post, this guide is available for download.

Dog training

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position statement on Dominance. The AVSAB is a group of veterinarians and research scientists dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through an understanding of animal behavior.

AVSAB position statement on Punishment.

AVSAB position statement on Puppy Socialization.

AVSAB guidelines, “How to Choose a Trainer.”

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