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Pet Vests Dog Denim Jacket Hoodies Puppy Jacket for Small Medium Dogs

Pet Vests Dog Denim Jacket Hoodies Puppy Jacket for Small Medium Dogs

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  • 【Trendy Style & Comfortable Fit】-- Our dog jean jacket is made very well of super soft and breathable denim,distressed,nice cut and comfortable fit.It's perfect for everyday wear and allows your pet to move freely and comfortably.The classic denim design is timeless and versatile,making it a great addition to your pet's wardrobe.
  • 【DIY Customization】-- It's great for the purposes of adding your own designs,easily personalize this dog vest to match your pet's unique style.Such as putting patches on the back,or decorated up with sparkly rhinestones to spell out your dog's name.Adding a touch of charm and personality to your furry friend.
  • 【Small Pet Friendly】-- Designed specifically for small dogs,puppies,puppies,cats,boys,and girls.It is suitable for breeds like Shih tzu,Chihuahua,Yorkie,pug,and Teacup etc.The dog denim jacket vest is tailored to fit their unique body shapes.Your little companion will love the snug and secure feel of this vest.
  • 【Easy To Put On & Take Off】-- The snap button closure makes it effortless to put on and take off,saving you time and hassle.For male dog,you can button him up and it doesn't bother his man's place.He can even pee without a drop hitting the jacket.It's perfect for everyday wear and will keep your furry friend cozy and happy.
  • 【Versatile Look】-- Whether your pet is heading out for a casual stroll or a special event,the puppy jacket vest is the perfect choice.It's versatile enough to complement any outfit and occasion.Ideal for everyday walks or photo shoots,this dog outfits is a must-have for pet owners who want their pets to look stylish all year round.

Product Description

Cool Denim Jacket for Small Medium Dogs Cats

Pet Vests Dog Denim Jacket --- Product Details

Pet Vests Dog Denim Jacket --- Special Designs

Sleeveless Design

  • Snaps instead of buttons makes the process so much easier.
  • Very cute and easy outfit to put on/take off.
  • Come on,dress up your cool pet dogs!

Denim Fabric

  • Cutest pajama-style outfits.
  • Soft and warm denim fabric.
  • Designed with your pet in mind.
Please check the size before purchasing

Size Details:

  • XS : Back Length18cm/7.87 Chest28cm/ 12.60 Fit weight2-4lb
  • S : Back Length20cm/7.87 Chest32cm/ 12.60 Fit weight4-6lb ;M : Back Length23cm/9.06 Chest36 cm/14.17 Fit weight6-9lb
  • L : Back Length27cm/10.63 Chest41cm/ 16.14 Fit weight9-12lb
  • XL : Back Length31cm/12.20 Chest45cm/ 17.72 Fit weight12-16lb
  • XXL : Back Length35cm/13.78 Chest50cm/ 19.69 Fit weight15-20lb

Pet Vests Dog Denim Jacket --- Show Time

The cute dog clothes are both suitable for boys and girls.Make your lovely fur baby cool and adorable.

Your furbaby will get compliments everywhere you go.

Comfortable for the pup and everyone who sees can’t help but stop and take pictures.

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